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Custom Facebook Pages

As social media grows, it is becoming more and more important to set yourself apart from the myriad of businesses out there who are establishing a marketing presence within the web communities. One simple, yet important, way to do so is to customize your fan page so that it will fit the image that you want. Using the standard design of the social medium is one way to simply blend into the background.


Customizing your fan page will present your product or service in the light that best services your marketing agenda. Change the color scheme, add pictures, and use dynamic presentations to showcase all that you have to offer your potential clients. The simple act of designing these hooks into your Facebook page will instantly plant your message in your fan's minds.

Another benefit to the customer fan page on Facebook is the ability to determine demographic statistics (age, gender, etc.) for those who like your page. This will help you focus your marketing to the segment of your fan base that will reap the biggest reward.

Once you've implemented a custom page that you are happy with, the next step to making it work for you is to ensure that the content is constantly fresh and up to date. The freshest information will keep the customers returning to your page. If you're in the restaurant or retail business, you can offer your fans unique coupons or specials that they can use on their next visit to your store. This will encourage them to come back, as well as encouraging the word of mouth that is key to any business's survival. Combine this with other marketing channels such as YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest for maximum leads in the social world.

We ensure that your custom Facebook page obtains "Likes" by utilizing the "Like Gate" method. This means that when visitors land on your page, they are prompted to "Like" it in order to:

  • View an interesting video about you and your services
  • Receive a coupon or discount code
  • Sign up to receive updates and latest products
  • or any other incentives that are relevant to your business

In summary, the key to a successful marketing campaign is fresh and enticing content. As the world becomes integrated with social media, establishing your own unique corner of the online community is a requirement for growing your business.

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