Website Analytics

Web Analytics sometimes referred to as "web stats", provide you with a gold mine of valuable insight into your website and your website visitors. No matter if we are working with an SEO client or not, we always encourage the use of a professional analytics package. The amount of valuable information, feedback and information collected makes website analytics a vital tool to gage the effectiveness of your design, landing pages, search engine visibility and much more.

Web analytics gives you distinct advantage over your brick & mortar side of your business and competitors. You have the ability to know your customers on a different level, and gain insight into behavior, demographics and intent. Retail vendors have tried collecting this valuable data in other ways, for instance, you may have noticed when out shopping that some retailers ask you your phone number or zip code at checkout, this is their version of customer tracking, and with that information they plan marketing, direct mailing and other promotions as well as gage their market saturation.

The Five W's of Web Analytics

Knowing the 5 W's of your website visitors is one of the most important factors to help you understand your customers and website traffic: These 5 W's can help you run a successful website or PPC campaign, and is an essential tool of search engine optimization.

Do you know the 5 W's of your site visitors?

  1. Who they are (Demographic information)
  2. Where they came from (referring site/search engine)
  3. What search term they used (keyword(s))
  4. Where they went on your site (Visited pages)
  5. What time did they spend on your site (Bounce Rate/Visit Duration)

Speedy Media offers a website analytics package and service that uses our partner technology to track your website visitors. You will gain knowledge about your customers and website traffic to help you manage your website and make informed marketing decisions.