Link Building Services

Building links to your website is one of the most lasting SEO investments you can make. Receiving well placed links to your website can deliver a steady stream of traffic and have a positive and long lasting effect on your search engine rankings.

Our link building team will focus on creating link friendly pages, engaging content, developing one-way inbound links as well as focusing on local search resources, industry related directories, pay directories and social media marketing.

Developing Link Friendly Pages

In order to develop a link friendly page we first have to make sure that your pages search engine friendly, visitor friendly and well written. If your website is useful or provides a good resource, your page will often generate organic search engine traffic as well gain valuable links without even making one request, this is referred to as "link love".

People who love your website content are more likely to link back to you, either from their own website, blog, forums, review sites, social bookmarking websites, and more. We employ the use of honest SEO practices as well as SEO copywriting and content creation to help establish your website as a valuable resource that generates search engine traffic and inbound links.

The Link Exchange

Links come in two flavors, one-way (the best flavor) and reciprocal. In our link building efforts, we like to focus on one way links from external websites without a reciprocal exchange taking place. One way links are the most desirable form of linking because the link acts as a direct vote from an outside source; the more votes your site has from quality websites, the better you website can perform in search engines and site rankings.

Long tail Local and Industry Related

Perhaps one of the most neglected source of traffic are your local resources, including local business, yellow page directories, as well as industry specific related association websites. Many times there are hundreds of such websites, each with a specific format and required information. Separately these specialized directories may not deliver tons of daily traffic, but together they may out perform more popular sites and pay directories. Our team will identify which websites are appropriate for your company, create your accounts, profiles, and add your information, logo and website link, as well as spend time responding to submission emails and verifications; each month we will continue to discover new sites.

Pay Directories

Some regional, local and national pay directories can generate both visitors and help your link popularity. Although these directories are not free like DMOZ, they do bring target consumers that are ready to purchase your goods or services. Other directories that are human edited like the Yahoo Directory or JoeAnt pass valuable page rank and/or trust. Tracking your ROI on paid directories is easily accomplished by a combination of good website analytics and educating you staff to manually track phone call sources. To determine which pay directories/websites are a good fit for your company, we will look at your local market and make suggestions as to which pay directories have the greatest potential. With specific local directories, we will speak with the owners or sales staff of each directory and even setup a meeting at our office with you to review their data, pricing structure and ask questions.

Content, Blogs and Social Media

Creating content, writing blog posts and maintaining a social media profile are all good ways in which you can focus on increasing your site traffic and attracting links to your website. We offer several different SEO content creation services as well as our social media marketing programs to complement your link building campaign.

If you would like to learn more about our link building services, please call us at (903) 230-5603.