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Uniting the web with apps

Many of today's leading company's around the world are focusing on apps to meet there clients needs, few have explored the possibilities of merging web and app together. We at Appster have developed strategies that will allow the flexibility of the web in a mobile app. Apps are offering a new source of revenue and customer experience to your services. Appster is pushing to narrow the web to app experience with a mobile cross-platform solution.

Web Integration

We believe that you should not need to recreate your content for every platform and that includes mobile. Appster allows you to have a web portal where you can update all your mobile applications at once with new content, articles, images, etc. The content will be live across all your applications instantly with no need to update each individual platform.

Even if your content is already on your website we can design an application that grabs it straight from the web and turns the content into a native mobile application.

Apps available on iPhone, iPad, HTML5, & Android

The Appster platform allows us to simultaneously create, edit, and manage an iPhone, iPad, and Android app online using our powerful content management system. Every app created with Appster is a native app that appears in the iTunes app store and the Google marketplace

Instantly update your app with our powerful CMS

Update your apps content or appearance whenever you'd like using our powerful content management system. Modify everything inside your app without having to send your app for a lengthy update with Apple or Google.

Mobile apps specifically designed for small businesses

Appster was built from the ground up with small businesses in mind. From our ease of use to the features that we offer inside our apps - we are specifically designed for small businesses. We believe that you shouldn't have to be a large company or have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to take advantage of mobile app marketing.