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What is Conversion Rate Optimization and Why Do I Need It?

metricsIt's a plain fact that converting more of your existing visitors into customers is a much easier and cost efficient way to growing revenue than acquiring more traffic. To put this in even sharper focus, obtaining a 1 percent rise in traffic is worth far less than a 1 percent increase in conversion rates across the board. Far less!

I propose that in 2014 to make it a goal to have a hard look at conversion rate optimization, and determine ways to make more sales using the traffic we already have.

5 Suggestions for conversion rate optimization

  1. Make each page serve one purpose - This will not only serve to help make your page rank better in the search engines, it will most certainly enhance your conversions, since there will be just one purpose to the page, not dozens of links going out willy-nilly.
  2. Optimize your entire sales funnel - It's not merely your web pages that need to be optimized, but the entire sales and conversion process. This means things like your emails, social media and landing pages for starters. Having a clear goal concerning conversions across all platforms sends an unmistakable message.
  3. Speed things up! - If your pages take more than just a few seconds to load, people will move on. This optimization task will benefit you in many ways, not the least of which is your page ranking. A cool tool to help you with this is YSlow.
  4. Plan content with CRO in mind - Everybody is on the content bandwagon for 2014, and for good reason. Do yourself a favor and plan this along side improving your conversions. This is applicable to even the micro content you publish to social media. You want it all working together for your main conversion goals.
  5. Test everything! - In the case of conversions, you must test everything. Even the seemingly insignificant can matter. Keep in mind, a small percentage gain can add up to large revenue improvements!