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Use These 5 Offline Marketing Tips That Work!

imagerepSince most of our focus presently is put into our online efforts, it's easy to disregard anything offline that might have as much or more impact on our businesses. Offline marketing has been around far longer than online, and shouldn't be thrown out like yesterday's news.

5 Offline marketing tactics that still work just fine!

  1. An attractive business card - A business owner with no business card is just like a ship without a rudder. It is directionless, and ultimately will show off as unprofessional. Business cards are still a valuable tool, and you should make it your business to have great card on hand at all times!
  2. Promotional items - This can run the gamut from a basic printed brochure, flyers, coffee mugs, t-shirts or any ting else you can envision that will cleverly advertise your business. Who doesn't like free stuff?
  3. Local events and meetings - Being present and helpful at local community events and gatherings is an easy way to get your business' name noticed in a good way. You'll meet other business people who might be willing or able to work well with you, in addition to doing some good where you live.
  4. Sponsor a local team or organization - Sponsoring a local youth sports team or some other organization in need of help is a great source of advertising, goodwill and reach inside your community.
  5. Start a local business network - Assuming there isn't currently one you are a part of, you can take advantage of this lack by creating one. If you have one around, join it and jump in. This is a terrific way to make local contacts that are ready and willing to help one another's business with referrals and joint ventures.

Take advantage of these well known offline marketing tactics. They still work like a charm, and will give you tons of local leads and revenue.