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What are Google Helpouts and How Can They Help?

google_hangout_logoWhen have you heard about Google helping out anyone? Generally we associate them with search ranking algorithm changes that sink sites with their Pandas, Penguins and the like. But not this time around. Google Helpouts is a recent offering from Google that appears to be actually, well, helpful.

What are Google Helpouts?

Google Helpouts are video chats, conducted on a timed basis either for free or paid, on the same video chat platform as Google Hangouts. The main difference is that, they are one on one video chats designed to offer specific assistance to those who request it. There are currently eight major categories in which people can find someone to aid them, and the choices are quite broad. One provider may be offering technical computer help, another guitar lessons and yet another home electrical advice. The possibilities are endless. All providers are okayed by Google, and are rated by their users.

Can a small business make use of Google Helpouts?

This is where you can get creative. Google Helpouts looks like it's the perfect place to introduce new products, services, or otherwise familiarize new prospective customers with your business. You can offer low-cost or free consults to people close to you who are brand new to you, or possibly offer a tutorial on how to do something that your business makes a specialty of. Think of this platform as an simple way to introduce your business and to start building the trust essential to build long-term client relationships.

How do you get started with Google Helpouts?

You'll need to request an invitation, and make sure you've got the technical equipment needed. (You probably already do!) You'll also need to get the Helpouts plugin from Google. Once you are approved it's just a matter of getting out there and helping people, and see as your brand grows in reputation and sales.