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5 Steps to a Great e-Newsletter

emailThink an e-newsletter is passé and uninteresting? You may want to have another look. Done properly, an e-newsletter remains one of the best ways to engage followers directly, one to one. Not only this, an e-newsletter benefits tremendously from its relationship with email, in that it is eminently trackable, conversational, and sharable via social media as well as video.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's check out five ways that you can make your e-newsletter shine, and get shared around the Web.

5 Tips for a great e-newsletter

  1. Choose your topic carefully - You have to have a clear understanding of exactly who your core audience is in a broad sense, then get more specific from there, until you hit the specific niche you wish to focus on. Don't just chose a wide, general path like "make money". Be as specific and narrow as you can.
  2. Lead to a click - Make certain that you're providing a chance for your readers to click out to an offer, additional information, related content or simply back to your site. Never leave it at that. Your job is to continue the engagement.
  3. Create awesome content that is easily shared - One of the best ways to create a wider readership is to produce content that your readers like to pass on to begin with! Be the one who is always providing useful and cutting edge information, and you'll find your readership expanding through very little extra effort! Make sure you encourage sharing!
  4. Serve your reader - Knowing your audience and delivering what they are seeking in terms of information will go a long way toward determining the success or failure of your e-newsletter. Routinely engage and ask questions that lead you to topics that ought to be written about, and then deliver.
  5. Share content across channels - This is a method for you to really pump up the readership of your e-newsletter. Utilize surveys, polls, and crowdsourcing (queries on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs) to learn the subject areas your customers would like to know about. This has the advantage of the ability to share the most useful stories in your e-newsletter across your social channels. What's more readers and often the subjects you write about do the same!