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Why YouTube is a Smart Move for Your Business

youtubeYouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet, and by far the most flexible. You can embed YouTube videos easily and quickly just about anywhere, and multiply your marketing efforts with relative ease. In addition, using YouTube marketing in your business is an incredibly cost-effective way to drive traffic and sales. You've heard the stats touting YouTube as the behemoth it is, and the reasons you should use it in your business. Even so, it's not always clear precisely how to go about that.

Keeping that in mind let's look a 7 easy ways to incorporate YouTube into your business.

  1. Showcase your products and services - Make videos that show off your stuff. Not a technical gabfest, rather a fun, interesting look at how this will benefit people who purchase.
  2. Drive traffic - Properly optimized YouTube videos can drive tons of traffic to your pages. Learn to make your videos rank well in both YouTube and Google for best results. Consider driving paid traffic to your videos. Don't forget, it is much easier to rank a YouTube video highly as opposed to a webpage!
  3. Set up a YouTube channel for your business - Create a specific YouTube channel for your business, and keep feeding it! YouTube is also very much a social network, so make sure you keep up with comments on your videos and channel.
  4. Put a face on your business - Letting people meet you and some of your staff via video is a marvelous way to build trust.
  5. Create short videos of valuable tips - Create tip videos that show off your expertise in various areas your audience is interested in.
  6. Post links to your videos on your social networks - Make sure you provide links to your videos on your social network sites, and also in email. This drives traffic to the videos, which in turn feeds the site, ranks higher and grows before your eyes.
  7. Use customer testimonials - An excellent way to showcase both your customers, (who'll become raving fans!) and provide social proof about your products and services.