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5 Ways to Get Customers Raving About You

weblinkIt's no secret that one of the best ways to increase revenue is to find new business. And one of the best ways to get new business is thru customer referrals. There is very little that speaks as glowingly about your business than your current and past customers raving about it. What's even better, usually this most effective form of advertising doesn't have to cost you a cent!

Here are five tips to get your customers bragging about you and your brand.

  1. Be remarkable - Simple to say, hard to do. Make it your mission to give till it hurts, to help your customers not merely get the best of your products and services of yours they can, but also point out others they might like that aren't yours. This goodwill goes a long way.
  2. Connect with social media - Your customers are using social media to talk about you, you should probably get into the conversation. (In a good way!) Consistently appear with useful and helpful commentary, and take every opportunity to cultivate relationships. This can pay off in so many ways.
  3. Deal with issues as if you mean it - One of the greatest ways to show your company as a stand-up establishment is by handling the occasional challenge with professionalism, honesty, generosity, and most importantly swiftness. The word spreads that you backup your products and services like a rockstar, and this is precious!
  4. Encourage and reward reviews - Having a system where your customers can leave reviews is the right way to go. Incentivizing this is even better! Aim for reviews and testimonials not just on your site, but additionally on the social reviews sites like Yelp, Merchant Circle and others.
  5. Treat your customers like friends - Seek out their opinions, clue them in on great information you come across, offer deals and rewards for no reason at all, other than to create goodwill. Develop a community, and they'll not only stick to you like glue, but also increase your reach many fold!