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How to Write Persuasive Copy

persuadeThere may very well be no more important task for a content provider than to be persuasive with your copy. Sounds simple, right? Right until you've tried it, perhaps. You will discover a reason top copywriters get paid the big bucks. Never fear however. You needn't break the piggy bank to hire your nearby Shakespeare just yet. There are some basic aspects of copywriting with persuasion which will make a huge difference, and best of all, they can be learned!

4 Essential steps to persuasive copy

  1. Make it easy to scan - Everyone knows that writing for the Web is now an exercise in who is able to make the most readable and scannable copy. Some methods to ensure that your copy is absorbed by the fast-wandering internet user are to use tactics like using plenty of white space, bullet points, sub-headlines, bolding and color, and compelling images.
  2. Write conversationally - No one likes to feel that they're being lectured to. So even if you are offerring ideas or a topic that you're dead certain is either new or advanced, you need to speak as though you're relating this to a good friend. Write as you talk. It goes a long way towards building the trust you want to build with your reader, especially if you are hoping for them to complete an action in the near future.
  3. Structure to your conclusion - Humans tend to process information best when offered in a narrative fashion, so be sure and tell your story! Beginning, middle and end, rising action to a climax. Strong headlines that seize the reader. All resulting in a conclusion that compels the reader to take some action in whatever form you are asking.
  4. Be certain to use a call to action - Don't be timid about having a strong call to action in your writing. Frequently this element is either missing entirely or so fuzzy that it may as well be! The truth is that if this is the situation, you're likely disappointing and possibly confusing the reader. Never write anything without a strong call to action!