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5 Dreadful Social Media Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs!

socialSocial media marketing for your business is hard enough without shooting yourself in the foot. Self-induced social faux pas are easy to commit, and difficult to overcome. Social media is not just necessary to include, but crucial to get right! Even though 74 percent of brand marketers saw an increase in website traffic after spending just 6 hours per week on social media, whereas another 83 percent have deserted a purchase after a bad or non-existent customer service experience. (

So in the interest of not having that occur to your business, listed here are five common social media mistakes to be sure you avoid!

  1. No engagement with your customers -This is “social media”. Be sure to ask questions, share humorous anecdotes (relevant) and by all means, request their opinions. They will provide them to you, and you can use this data in your business.
  2. Boring, unexciting content - If you can’t build up any excitement about your brand, you won’t get other people to, either. Impart passion for your brand, enthusiasm about what you’re doing, and you’ll find this really is infectious. Creating a buzz about your business starts off with you!
  3. Constant promotion - No one wants to be constantly pitched to, and there is no place this is more true than in social media. Once you’ve developed a relationship and trust, it will be much easier to insert the sporadic (soft) selling message.
  4. Not responding to your customers - There is no faster way to ruin whatever goodwill and respect you’ve developed in your brand than to ignore your customers. It’s way too easy to completely miss customers and prospects posting their concerns, questions or complaints on these very platforms! Don’t be that guy!
  5. No plan for social media - Not having a strategy for your social media marketing is practically asking for it to fail. You need to understand why you’re doing, and which platforms are good for you. (Not all are!)

We’ll leave you with a link to a great demonstration of what NOT to do! In an example that’s being shared widely, (much to their chagrin) the food site Epicurious. After the recent Boston marathon bombing, they sent out these unfortunate tweets.