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What is SEO and How Can You Use it to Build Your Customer Base?

what-is-seoAs your business grows, the need to position your website in a place where potential customers can find it quickly and easily grows with it. One simple tool to use to increase web traffic is something known in the industry as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Simply stated, SEO is the practice of using keywords and links that your potential clients are using to search with. For instance, if a customer is looking for an industrial power tool salesman in Duluth, they'll often search for just that (Industrial Power Tool Sales in Duluth). Knowing this and ensuring your website has the keywords that will build the relevance to these terms will allow the search engines to find your site and bring it to the customer's attention.


Of course, getting the best SEO service is much more complicated than simply stuffing the site full of keywords. The search engines look out for this tactic and can ignore sites that flood their pages with meaningless keywords. Meaningful original content will allow your site to stand out from the rest and (hopefully) attract the clients who are looking for your services.

Ensuring that your site is designed appropriately and therefore ranked near the top of the list can be an arduous task. Additionally, as search engines change their algorithms, website rankings can rise and fall. Keeping up with the changes is important in ensuring that you have the best possible chance of reaching new customers.