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The World is Going Mobile, and That World is Flat!

flatEverything comes full circle, even web design. You may not have noticed it yet, but there's a brand new trend out there, and its called is flat web design. It's capturing the industry, and the thing is it's actually been around since Microsoft unveiled it in 2006.

So what is it that makes a "flat" web design?

Flat design is seen as simple, bright solid colors, a lot of white space, plus the lack of drop shadows, gradients, and textures that were a major element of a web designer's arsenal for a while now. Often typography plays a leading role in flat web design. Flat web design is a “smooth" solution whose aim is to eliminate as many decorative elements of a “3D" type look as is feasible.

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How to Use Twitter #Hashtags in Your Small Business

twitterKnow what a #Hashtag is? If you're not a social media expert, and particularly Twitter, you may not have a clue what a #hashtag is. No need for that to be the case any more. A hashtag is a # paired with a word or phrase to perform a number of functions. Twitter users add hashtags to tweets as search conventions, a method of categorizing, and marketing tactics. #Hashtags may also be used in other social media platforms.

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Small business innovation - Some basics

smallbusIt would only stand to reason that a smaller, more agile company would be best positioned to create the most ground breaking ideas. Well this isn't necessarily so. Deficient several key ingredients, such as money for R & D, available staff, and a lack of vision that big companies can make happen, small businesses have discovered that their challenge lies in learning how to innovate in spite of, and sometimes because of these facts. A recent study by Erik Hurst and Benjamin Wild Pugsley of the University of Chicago called What do Small Businesses Do? discovered that less than 50 percent of new business startups were born from a “new idea”. Moreover, they learned that most of these new businesses are essentially more of the same, offering an additional coffee shop, bakery or tax service to a marketplace stuffed with these services. Not much innovation, greater competition, and little chance at exponential growth.

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Instagram - A Picture of the Social Photo Sharing Site

instagramSince being acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram, a free online photo sharing and social network platform has provided small business owners seeking ways to engage and grow their base a new outlet to pursue. So what is Instagram? Instagram allows members users to upload, edit and share photos with other members through the Instagram website, email, and social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare and Flickr. On Instagram, you are allowed to follow photo streams created by other users, be followed back by those same users, and locate friends by name or who have connected to you on other social networks. It is as much of a social site as it is a photo sharing app (which is available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play store).

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