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Simple Ways to Breathe New Life Into Your Email Marketing Efforts

emailYou may have heard all sorts of disparate predictions concerning the demise of email marketing, but what the evidence shows is that it's still a very integral component of your online marketing mix, both now and in the future. According to's 2013 UK Email Marketing Benchmark Report, there has been a strong increase in average email open rates, rising from 18.35 percent to 21.47 percent in the last year. Also, (and even more exciting) the average return on your email marketing investment is currently a mind-numbing $44.25 for each dollar spent. (iContact)

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How to Write Persuasive Copy

persuadeThere may very well be no more important task for a content provider than to be persuasive with your copy. Sounds simple, right? Right until you've tried it, perhaps. You will discover a reason top copywriters get paid the big bucks. Never fear however. You needn't break the piggy bank to hire your nearby Shakespeare just yet. There are some basic aspects of copywriting with persuasion which will make a huge difference, and best of all, they can be learned!

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5 Reasons Your Business Should Start Using Google Hangouts

google_hangout_logoGoogle is known for developing new programs and then getting rid of them when they don't work out. Anyone recall Google Wave, Google Buzz and now Google Reader? While many have predicted a very similar fate for Google , an addition to that one may just save the day. Google Hangouts is Google's latest addition, and one that really has a lot of usefulness. (Particularly for marketers!)

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Don't Get Left Behind - Embrace SoLoMo Today!

socialIf you haven't yet incorporated the concept of SoLoMo, (social, local, mobile) it's high time to get plugged in and realize how and why this is the most important direction for your small business to embrace.

What is SoLoMo and how will it help your small business?

The union of these three was virtually inevitable. As location based services have become ever more advanced, tracking our every move, it was not a real huge step to having businesses reach out and touch someone, (like you!) with location based notifications and offers. Pew Internet & American Life Project recently found that around 74 percent of smartphone users use their mobile devices to acquire local information, and about 18 percent use them to check in on local businesses with geo-location services like Foursquare, Yelp and others. As more mobile users are seeking local products and services, either you and your company will discover a way to serve these people, who are out, phone in hand and wallet virtually open, or you'll notice that your competitors will!

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